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Können Pflanzen Kunststoff ersetzen?

Verpackungen aus Papier und Kunststoff sind in der Öffentlichkeit immer mehr ein Thema. Mit dem immer lauter werdenden Verlangen nach umweltfreundlichen Verpackungen gilt es nun, schnellstmöglich eine pflanzliche Verpackungslösung zu finden, die sowohl nachhaltig als auch kostengünstig ist. Das Forschungsunternehmen EcoFocus hat vor einigen Monaten die Ergebnisse seiner Studie über die Trends veröffentlicht, die die Lebensmittel- und…

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Papiertüten – Die nachhaltige Wahl

The way we shop has changed drastically in the last decade. These changes include what we buy and how we buy it. Online shopping has undoubtedly revolutionised our purchasing habits, however one of the most profound and prominent changes in shopping trends is the consumer’s newfound conscience for being environmentally friendly.

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Liebesbriefe – Sag es mit Papier

There are plenty of reasons to be feeling the love and if you have a special someone in your life it is likely you will be planning on giving them a card this Valentine’s Day. The tradition of giving these little paper tokens of love goes back many of years and such a simple gesture can bring so much pleasure.

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Hübsches Papier: Tipps für ein nachhaltigeres Weihnachtsfest

Having a sustainable Christmas needn’t be a chore and through small changes and research, we can make a conscious decision to be greener in our festive celebrations. Paper and wood products from sustainable sources enable us to enjoy the creativity and magic of Christmas without a guilty conscience and ensure that some of our favourite Christmas traditions can continue and be kind to our planet.

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Papier – ein verantwortungsvolles Produkt

Paper is a unique and versatile product that we use frequently in our everyday lives. It is hard to imagine going a day without encountering at least one paper product – whether it be in the mail delivered to you each morning or the toilet paper in your bathroom. Paper is everywhere.

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Das Kaffeebecher-Rätsel

With over seven million cups going to landfill every day, having your daily coffee is turning into a serious environmental problem. So what’s the solution?

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